Monday, February 20, 2006

One for Getty Images

Well we've lived in NZ for nearly 2 years now and we love it here. It really is a magnificent country. The only downside (apart from the driving, of which more later) is being so far from family and friends. So obviously we try really hard to encourage people to visit us, experience the Kiwi lifestyle and hope that like us, they become intoxicated enough to take leave of their senses and escape dreary old England.

Talking of dear friends, the very lovely Jez and Sian Clark have just left us after a whirl-wind 2 week visit. They left bleary eyed on Sunday dreading their 27 hour flight back to Manchester. Still they have over 800 photo's and DVD to show anyone unwise enough to show too keen an interest in their visit to NZ. Look out for a delightful shot of butter, shot in the posh Orbit restaurant in Auckland - the composition is pure genius. The Keen sandal against an azure sky is special too. He might however omit the candid shot shown here of himself reclining on a sun bleached tree at Goat Island.